How Technology Changed the Way We Trust?

Trust is one of the elements on which the whole world runs. Trust is a very delicate thing, delicate than a glass. What is a trust? Trust means one’s belief in others or certainty. For eg: Your trust in your family. To elaborate, you trust your family in means of safety, support, and many more and vice versa. Trust is very easy to break but hard to build, it may take days, weeks, years, or decades. Once the trust in the build is built by you on someone then further life or the work process smoother. Trust is intangible. 

Everything works on trust let it be business, politics, family, education, sports, arts etc. Today faith or trust is being misused or taken disadvantage of.

The impact of this is surely a big loss and gives rise to many problems ahead. Unfaith is synonymous with many words such as fraud, scam, cheat, and many more. They are not only synonyms of unfaith but also the ways of breaking trust.

Breaking trust results in many following ways such as the rise of problems, the ruining of relations, damage to reputation. Breaking trust and building trust on a higher level like in a corporate world, profession, the career will have results and impact accordingly.

Today the world is growing into a larger level and as said trust is also one of the important elements in a run of life. The whole world is globalized beyond national boundaries. Initially, it was hard to go global, investments had to be made in huge numbers, and accordingly, you had to also build trust.

Technology evolved accurately with pace. In today’s date technology has big domination in life, this pandemic is the biggest example of how technology is playing an ample role in everyone’s lives. Technology has to suck the whole world into the digital world. Though digital is not new in this world, the growth of digital is rapid, and chatting with strangers without registration has become so common. Even developing countries had to adopt digitalization prior because of survival since the whole globe was into it already. 

We can look at ourselves, in this pandemic students attending lectures online as initially online courses didn’t have prior attention or value but today it is valued equally compared to physical learning, work from home is another example where everyone is completing their works online and digitally. Digitalization has made it easy by making less investment of money, time, and energy. This shows how much we have trust in digital. In the same way, technology has changed the way we trust.

Yes, the evolution of technology has also resulted in the change or evolution of the way we trust. It is necessary to understand that today there are many services provided online and trust also changes in the form accordingly. Here it is how trust has evolved with technology.

1. Food delivery applications

Technology cannot change the way of how trust works but it can change the process of trusting. One of the biggest changes in technology is that we trust strangers. We started trusting people we don’t know, for eg: food delivery applications that are the online application that delivers food at your doorstep.

Just one click you can order your choice of cuisine to fulfill your hunger and for fulfilling the hunger a stranger delivers you the order and you can also pay them before delivery through online payment or after delivery. 

What if food is never delivered? What if your bank account is hacked? Didn’t you think about that?! Yes, you have to think about it but beyond that, they are successful in building trust through marketing, advertising it on many media platforms which ultimately not only brought the customer but also build the trust constantly, and also trust is built day by day through customer experiencing their sincere services. 

2. Cab applications and online payments

Another example of how technology evolved the way we trust is online cab applications. Ever thought that you are traveling in someone’s private car and experiencing their service? Ever thought about what made us use their service? What made us enter strangers’ vehicles without any fear or sense of danger? Trust built by them made us use their service of traveling. 

Gain trust was built through medical security, emergency calls, GPS tracking, and advertisements on various media platforms. Media is a pillar of democracy and we all trust the media. So advertising through this ultimately build’s trust in services and products. Online payments and e-banking are some of the biggest examples of trust.

You share your bank details openly on the internet which can be leaked, hacked or your money may be stolen but the security given by online payment applications and by your bank made you trust security which ultimately made you trust them indirectly. 

3. Online courses and online shopping

Though the forms of trust are different with every other product or service such as an online course build’s trust by distributing e-certificates after the completion of the course and showcasing the result of their courses helping in getting a job or increase in salary and also collaborating with many foreign universities and getting educated with less investment.

Online shopping platforms build trust through customer reviews and brand building by making influencers use products and review it which develops the trust of the targeted customer. New launches of gadgets develop trust in the same way as above. This is how technology made us trust in strangers. 

Though there are scams, frauds happening in the digital world but brands, and companies are successful in holding customers in large numbers. Because of this huge number of customers we are trusting them. We are trusting the numbers of users, their reviews, their trust. Competition made brands, companies work with utmost loyalty and they also keep faith in customers which is called as a loyal customer. Eventually, this all works on vice versa basis and build the bridge of trust where the company and customer walk the crossroads.

Technology has honestly made trust built easier for all than that of real-time. It is hard to trust someone more in real-time and easier on digital platforms. AI (artificial intelligence) also plays an important role in it. From the above explanation and examples, we can clearly identify how technology has changed the way we trust.

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I agree that technology made trust easier for all than that of real time. Nowadays it is hard to trust someone more in real time and easier on digital platforms. thanks for sharing this.

Totally agree with you because we were not trusting for an online cab or online shopping in 2015 but just in five years we don’t go to market with our own vehicle. we try to find what we want online and if we dont get then we order uber to go

Thank you, Mr. Rahul Kumar Singh for this great article. I must say about the technological scams and frauds. Some intelligent people are misusing our technology and involved in fake emails and websites regarding scams such as contractual work from home jobs and many more.

Alasssss! But it’s true that we trust more technology than humans. It’s because technology never cheats, and always meets our expectations.

I agree that online education is growing quickly. Online courses can help people gain valuable skills, and online programs are often more affordable than traditional ones. Online learning also gives people the freedom to learn from anywhere, especially with the pandemic affecting the whole world.

Last couple of years, technology has changed rapidly. Online Education Opportunity has increased and It will be growing more than 20% within next 5 years. Thank you so much for your wonderful informative content about changes of todays tech.

Trust is key in the digital world, and many of the blockchain and newer technology stacks are making it easier to perform transactions without trusted parties in the middle of the process.

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