8 Visual Content Creation Apps to Create Stunning Images and Videos

Do you know which is the most popular content type amongst online companies? Its visual content. Our world is quickly becoming more visual than textual. Whether it be a simple cooking recipe or a scientific lecture, content creators are propagating their message using video-based content. Marketers are adopting video-based content to attract more customers and elevate their brands. From social media posts to email marketing, visual content is now our first choice.


Why is visual content becoming so popular?

  • Images and videos get higher engagement from the audience
  • It is much easier to remember a video or image content rather than textual content
  • Sharing images and videos on social media is much easier and convenient
  • Visual content is the best for storytelling
  • It becomes much easier to share your ideas through images and videos
  • Visual content could be entertaining and informative at the same time
  • Visual content can create an everlasting image of a brand in the audience’s eyes

Still not convinced? Check these statistics about visual content

  • According to CISCO, video consumption has increased 17 fold since 2012
  • According to Hubspot, video is the primary form of content being used in media these days
  • According to Venngage, 49% of marketers consider video marketing as an essential marketing element and 49% of marketers use visual content in their websites and blogs

8 visual content apps to create stunning images and videos

1. Piktochart

Infographics are becoming quite popular these days. If you want to create infographics that no one can ignore then Piktochart is the tool for you. Add your data and text to pre-defined infographics templates and make stunning content.

Embed the infographic on your website or share it on social media and share your professionally looking message with confidence. You can add your fonts and customized colour palette or use Piktochart’s graphics library for some inspiration.

2. Canva

Bring your vision to life using Canva. Its templates are fully customizable allowing you to change the font and images based on your choices. Whether you want to create a Facebook post, YouTube thumbnail, poster, logo, resume or video, this app is your one-stop destination. Canva allows you to be a designer instantly. You have hundreds of pre-set combinations to choose from.

3. Awesome Screenshot

Screenshots and screen recordings are also important visual content these days. Awesome Screenshot is a simple chrome extension that enables you to record and share both screen and camera or take a screenshot in just one click. Even if you do not want to share these pictures, you can keep them as reminders or share them with your team. Awesome Screenshot not only allows you to share these visual contents but you can also annotate screenshots and add graphic elements to it. Since this tool is just a browser extension, you can only capture what’s there in your browser window.

4. Pablo by Buffer

Can you create social media images in just 30 seconds? With Pablo, it is possible! This tool is free, requires no sign-in or design experience. Write your text, select a background and your post is ready in a blink. Pablo also allows you to style your image by changing the font style, font colour, background style, and colour. You can even blur the background. You can use images edited on Pablo in various ways like inspirational quotes, facts, and stats, blog post teasers, blog post quotes, product images, testimonials, or events and announcements. Explore the tool now and what’s in there for you.

5. Giphy

Here is one of the best tools for creating social media content – Giphy. As the name suggests, this tool helps you create and find the right GIF. You can create your gif by uploading a photo or video, setting the animation, and adding some decorative elements. You can find reaction gifs, real-time gifs, animated stickers, and conversation-starting video content on this platform.

6. Lumen5

Since videos are a big hit these days, you must have a dedicated tool for creating engaging video content. This tool uses advanced Machine Learning technology to automate video creation tasks Whether it be social media posts, ads, or stories, Lumen5 enables you to create videos for everything. The system of Lumen5 takes care of all the heavy work while creating a video while you need to focus on storytelling and narration only. It also has a huge media library that contains millions of stock footage, photos, and soundtracks.

7. Emaze

Creating presentations is no more a hassle these days with emaze! Its special video templates, 3D templates and PAN and Zoom templates help you bring your content to life. Choose from professionally designed templates, find inspiration from millions of in-built projects. This tool also helps you analyse how your audience reacts to your presentations and slides online and there’s much more!

8. Boomerang

Want to share your behind-the-scenes stories with your audience? This is the app for you. Boomerang is a standalone app for Instagram that enables you to capture mini videos that loop back and forth. You can directly share from this app to Instagram and Facebook or save the mini videos to your gallery and share them later to any other platform. It is simple, quick, and engaging!

Wrapping up

Visual content is the present and future of online businesses. If you have not started creating visual content, it is the right time now. Start using these tools right away and bring your content to life. If you are already creating visual content, then it is time to level up your content quality using these amazing video content creation tools like images, videos, gifs, boomerangs, presentations, and much more!

Author’s bio – Emma Jackson is a specialist in content writing, blogging, and exploring new topics. Emma is also a part contributor of GoAssignmentHelp that provides proofreading services. She loves to write topics like marketing, education and assignment services.

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